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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Can We Get Some Real Sanctions Please

The economic one, two punch of sanctions on Iran would do much to weaken the already pathetic wallet that is Iran. However, without the 100% compliance of the member states it is as hollow a threat as any other from the United Nations. Whether it is threats of action, military action, or sanctions the UN is about as worthless as a wooden nickel.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Companies and government agencies in three dozen countries have struck more than $153 billion in deals with Iran since 2000, investment that could offer important leverage to help persuade Tehran to abandon its nuclear program, a new study says.

The research by the conservative American Enterprise Institute think tank may be the most comprehensive attempt to publicly identify corporate and government investors whose withdrawal could potentially affect Iran's nuclear policy.

The data comes as the U.N. Security Council considers new sanctions against Iran and momentum grows in the U.S. Congress and in state legislatures for controversial initiatives encouraging divestment in companies doing business in Iran.”

Can you believe that between 2000 and 2007 new business deals with Iran dropped from 101 down to 18, yet the monetary value rose from $21.68 billion to $47.5 billion?

So basically it is tough patooties; if we can make a financial killing we will. How about real economic sanctions with a bite that screws Iran AND the businesses making deals with the regime? Investment is always a gamble, yet they comfortably continue with investments knowing the possible threat of sanctions looms. From a business sense what does that tell you about their confidence in the UN/EU and all the rest?

Nations mentioned in the article and their Iranian business deals monetary value:

French $30.2 billion

China $29.5 billion

Germany $26 billion

Italy $23.7 billion

Japan $18.3 billion

Austria $18 billion

Netherlands $13.6 billion

South Korea $13.27 billion

Britain $12.78 billion

India $9.9 billion

Outrageous and pathetic…

As Iran Holds British Hostages It is Business as Usual for EU Nations

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