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Friday, May 18, 2007

Help Reconstruct A Desecrated War Memorial - Wake Up America!

So we have Democrats fighting like alley cats so they can claim victory that the U.S./Bush/Republicans lost in Iraq; Iran on the brink of spreading peace throughout the world one split uranium atom at a time; Russia under Putin is tightening the reins on that nation and Hugo Chavez uniting with Ahmadinejad and Islamic extremists in an effort to thwart the U.S.. These and many other subjects are the issues of the day.

So much of this is directed in anger at the U.S. as though it is the big bad guy on the earth. Much of this anger is within our own borders and recently was directed at a memorial representing those that fought and lost their lives for the very freedoms we take for granted; unless you reside on the Left and then of course every freedom is being taken away.

Wake Up America posted a short while ago that reads:

"In Beeville Texas a war memorial honoring veterans killed in four separate wars, was destroyed. (Hat Tip to Bob for the email)

That memorial once stood as five granite panels, with the names of 45 veterans who lost their lives, paying the ultimate sacrifice. But Tuesday, the memorial lies in pieces at the city's maintenance yard.

Local veterans said they're not sure when the memorial was vandalized. They say it looks like someone took their car and just rammed into it. The memorial was erected in 1989 and residents there said they're devastated by it's vandalism, because it's more than just rock - it's a symbol of freedom.

"This particular war memorial has World War I, World War II, Korean and Vietnam. And so it has quite a bit of names," Vietnam War veteran Ram Chavez said.

Now, veterans there are asking for help from anyone who can help raise the money to replace and repair that memorial.
This memorial is important to this town, to the families of the fallen and to veterans across the country."


UPDATE: with the further assistance of and above and beyond the call from Wake Up and CavMom: see below

Donation button directly linked to War Memorial Destroyed Blog's paypal donation account,, set up just for this effort thanks to CavMom. Lets show these people what Americans are made out of... DONATE.

[Update] CavMom from 2nd Verse same as the 1st has set up a blog just for this effort where people can donate to help the town of BeeHive replace the destroyed memorial.

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