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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Employee Free Choice Act of 2007 Has Costs - HR 800

On March 6th of this year I posted "The NYTimes Right to Dis-organize,"about the usual indigenousness of The NY Times editorial board in its reaction to Bush's veto threat to it, by writing:

"if Mr. Bush were, as he claims, truly concerned about rising income inequality and truly committed to improving the lives of America’s middle class, he would support the legislation and urge the Senate to approve it."
As much as my kneejerk reaction may be to discount the toilet Paper, I went on a digging excursion so as to refute their take. I did a fairly decent job; I also burned quite a few brain cells on it as well, since there is nothing simple or straightforward about legislation.

James Sherk at NRO has a nice piece this morning on how the "card check" is a scam that actually denies the freedom in question:
"Card check, though, redefines high-pressure tactics. Union organizers come to workers’ homes, give them a heavy-handed sales pitch and demand they sign the card. The union knows exactly which workers haven’t signed, and they return to their homes, again and again, until they give in."
Check the rest out here...

The Times doesn't have anything today in reaction to it, but I would imagine it may get play from them sometime soon. Today they're busy providing a "diversion" over what they see as a "diversion" by the president on FEDERALLY funded stem cell research; and they have issues with governments honesty, amazing.

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