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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

In the Service of Global Peace and Security – Iran has Your Back

In a news conference with foreign news entities during the 18th anniversary celebrations of the “departure of Imam Khomeini,” president of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ahmadinejad said:

Iran serves international peace and security,” and that ‘"big powers want to retain their monopoly over the nuclear energy and in order to achieve the goal, they sow discord and differences among the developing nations.”’

Asked by an Indian reporter about US claims of Iranian involvement in Iraq, the good leader responded in proper Leftist form (which requires dropping various details and facts):

‘"The US, equipped and supported Saddam Hussein, former Iraqi dictator, during his imposed war on Iran and Kuwait, has occupied Iraq under the pretext of WMD and creating democracy in the country."’ He added that no WMDs were found and aiming to interfere in regional issues, the U.S. remains in Iraq.

Just to help the Iraqi people, Iranexpressed readiness to establish security in the country,” when “the occupiers raised the plan of negotiation when they were unable to create security, peace and tranquility.

Further example of Iranian interests in security, peace and tranquility in the region the president spoke of the Zionist regimes and his warning to that nation missing from various Middle Eastern states maps:

‘"In my statement I gave a warning to the Zionist regime not to repeat the crimes it perpetrated in Lebanon last year."’ Continuing that if the enemy does not refrain from its attempts at sowing discord among Muslim nations; ‘"If they are not after strengthening friendship with regional nations and prefer to continue their crimes, the nations will eliminate their presence in the region."’

This ‘elimination’ one must presume is with the assistance of Iranian peaceful nukes since he did also reaffirm that Iran has a strategy of “non-interference in Lebanese national affairs and called for unity and success by Lebanese.

Evidence of this non-interference was offered on March 5 of this year by Israel’s Shin Bet Intelligence Service Director Yuval Diskin in an interview with reporters:

‘“Hamas has started to dispatch people to Iran, tens and a promise of hundreds…"’ [1]Cooperation between Iran and Hamas dates back to the early 1990s, but their relationship strengthened significantly after Hamas was elected to lead the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) in January 2006.

Additionally from The Israel Project:

“On March 6, Hamas' Damascus-based political chief, Khaled Mashaal was in Tehran to discuss financial support for the Hamas-Fatah unity government and the current international monetary embargo on the P.A.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who advocates for Israel to be "wiped off the map," [2] encouraged Hamas to continue attacks against Israel. "The [Palestinian] government should use its brave and pious forces to continue resistance against the Zionist regime [Israel]," said Ahmadinejad, according to Iranian state-run television. [3]

Chalk this one up as a misinterpretation of meaning from one society or culture to another I guess. For a timeline of Iranian “non-interference” dating back to 1990 see “Timeline of Hamas-Iran Ties.”

On this the 40th anniversary of the start of the Six Day War, The NY Times notes:

“In Gaza, fighting between the rival Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, flared up again, two weeks after the sides had declared a cease-fire.” As well as the fact that “Israeli peace advocates protested against four decades of occupation in Hebron, a tense and conservative Palestinian city with a biblical past, and tried to drown out a small counterdemonstration of local Jewish settlers with their chants.

On this 40th anniversary, let’s not forget what truly happened by ignoring historical rewrites from fanatics in the region, namely Hamas, Fatah, apologists, and appeasers as well as others.

Please note that in addition to Iran having your back, "a former Israel Broadcasting Authority news editor, Carmela Menashe and Shelly Yechimovich" also have your back Israel, according to The American Israeli Patriot
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