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Friday, June 22, 2007

The State of Education Knows No Boundaries - A Pungeoning

Cutting through the morass and straight to the heart; shoveling aside the BS and hosing the reality clean comes this tidbit from Lord Somber of The Pungeoning; art, graphics design, cultural criticism and psy-ops.

Lord Somber of The Pungeoning, "Cimex scientiam: U got me bugged"


1) Obtain a small piece of rock from outside on the ground.

2) Glue some pipe cleaner feet on it.

3) Glue some googly eyes on it.

Behold: The Science Bug
Where does one begin to explain this mealy non-attempt at imparting scientific knowledge to the next generation?
[Shakes head.]
Was this an isolated incident? A rupestrian pipe dream hatched by some lone kooky teacher?
Follow the link to finish the must read, check out some the art as well, all very intriguing with more available at Lord Somber's deviantArt Gallery, as well, too and also additonally

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