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Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Sermon from Iran; Iran Ready to Talk

This Friday Sermon from Iran is much shorter than usual; the reasoning for this is twofold. One, you can click the link and read the ludicrousness for yourselves and two, who cares; it’s the same garbage spouted 24/7 from Tehran.

Of the most interest is the warning and imparting of wisdom from Provisional Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Hojjatoleslam Ahmad Khatami when he said:

“Passing a chain of resolutions against Iran is not going to solve any problem. The only solution to that problem is through negotiations, since logical and rational talks always yield fruit."

Ah, yes the “logical and rational” mind of the mullahs, leadership of the tehrrorists of Tehran. Note that resolutions is not the answer as they will get you nothing, oddly though the only yield from “talks” is more time for Iran to continue with its peaceful nuclear development.

In order to grasp rational logic one must accept that neither option bears any fruit, just like Iran bears no peace only the offer misery.

The peaceful pastor also gave warning to the U.S.’ President in reaction to his saying all options, including military are on the table with:

"The US president had also better know that the Iranian nation, too, has all options, including a big fist on the mouth, on the table for countering America severely."

Wonderful, peace be unto you but consider that while all you can muster is a “big fist on the mouth,” the U.S. could and should cut off Tehran’s communications, what little oil production and refining capacity it has, all electrical and anything else of the paltry offerings of a positive nature the Islamic Republic allows from within its borders. One on the U.S. side could say, remember how Saddam and his punks were cut-off and down? From Tehran the expected response might be, yes and look at how you have been mired in Iraq and elsewhere? At this point in these talks it might be fun to point out much like Iraq Iran would be once it has been turned upside down worse than it. Tehran could then enjoy its own quagmire within its own borders as it attempts to continue all its Middle Eastern proxies.

The situation being tough for the U.S. does not mean it would be easy for Iran; although the media wouldn’t portray it accurately like that though.

Watch your mouth and what you wish for little man. As much of a pushover the U.S. can be civility-wise, you might push just a wee bit too much sometime soon. You could then moan and whine about how much it is the U.S.’ fault, but you will know better.

On the bright side however, Secretary of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali “Larry” Larijani said:

Iran is ready for talks as a means for return of peace and tranquility to the region.”

Again it is very interesting and revealing that Iran is always ready to talk and repeats this as often is humanly possible; all the better to point later to the fact that Iran said, ‘it’s ready to talk.” The only problem with this is talk is what diplomats love as that’s what they’re paid to do and Iran knows the talk codeword will make those same diplomats fall all over themselves; thereby giving Iran oddly more time to continue with its peaceful nuclear development.

Iran wishes to talk overtly, whilst it sews murder, destruction and mayhem on civilians in the region of the world they claimed to be the purveyors of peace for. Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Hamas, Hezbollah and all the rest of the covert peaceful initiates that Iran embarks on.

By all means, talk that way Iran can continue its course of action. Eventually there may be peace once enough people have been killed and all submit to Iran and its dreams of Islamic hegemony over the entire planet.

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