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Monday, July 02, 2007

Never Jump Too Quickly on an Offer from Iran

UPDATE (of sorts): July 3, 07

This update has no newsworthy content, but is being done two include to images this blog did not include with this post as the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez love fest was not posted on. However, it is very likely these images would have been forgotten by me and never used.

End of Update

From The NY Times today:

BAGHDAD, July 2 — Iranian operatives helped plan a January raid in Karbala in which five American soldiers were killed, an American military spokesman in Iraq said today.”

“Brig. Gen. Kevin J. Bergner, the military spokesman, also said that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has used operatives from the Lebanese militia group Hezbollah as a “proxy” to train and arm Shiite militants in Iraq.”

“American military officials have long asserted that the Quds Force, an elite unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, has trained and equipped Shiite militants in Iraq. The Americans have also cited extensive intelligence that Iran has supplied Shiite militants with the most lethal type of roadside bomb in Iraq, a bomb called the explosively formed penetrator, which is capable of piercing an armored vehicle.”

In response to the news of intelligence gleaned by the U.S. through interrogations that have led to a comfort level by the U.S. of stepping up the accusations, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa “Who Loves You Baby?” Mohamad-Najjar blamed the U.S. and CIA:

"Occupation of Iraq followed a big lie, escalation of tension in the occupied regions and resort to terrorist tactics have been the customary methods of the CIA to justify the US presence in the region, cover up Washington's past failures and mislead public opinion in the US.”

Iran denies any involvement as they have repeatedly said that Iraq security is Iranian security and of the utmost importance to them. However that is antithetical to what would most likely provide the most security to Iran. The U.S. presence in Iraq is not good for Iran and Iraq has a Shia majority.

On June 25th an opportunity for “jumping on Iran’s latest offer,” in which it was reported that, “Iran has invited an International Atomic Energy Agency team to Tehran to work on clearing up suspicions about its nuclear program, an IAEA spokeswoman said Monday. Oddly just a little more time will be necessary to make it happen….SURPRISE!!!!!! What was considered, “the latest move in possibly allowing Iran further time to continue with its “peaceful” nuclear research,” is appearing to be just that.

From IRNA this morning:

“Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has said that Tehran is ready to continue its nuclear talks within the next three weeks, it was reported on Monday.”

This was reported in a interview on the “Arab-language news channel Al-Jazeera broadcast Sunday evening.

Additionally he indicated that all sides of the debate should be supportive of this new initiative. Iran also wishes to get the talk continuing with a new suggestion of taking this from the U.N. Security Council and back into the purview of the U.N.’s IAEA.

Time is all that Iran needs; let’s continue giving it to them.

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