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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yet Another, If We Leave Now and Still Worth Reading

I often get tired of the oft repeated stories, columns or opinion pieces regarding what Iraq would be were we to pack up and leave. This however, is not because I do not wholeheartedly agree with them, but because they are so absolutely realistic that it is rather annoying to have to continuously repeat the obvious to those that are still in the throes of “its Bush’s fault” fits.

This is for those that will not read it and cannot contemplate that the United States, especially under the leadership of President Bush is not a Rightwing, war mongering entity. I pity the previously referred to as it must be an incredibly miserable existence to believe in nothing, but the doom and gloom of theories justifying their self-loathing tendencies; that pity however does not go very deep because like the drug addict, initially they brought it on themselves and just cannot break the habit.

Of particular interest this morning is yet another entry from someone who has learned and applies lessons of history to present day issues; at least the lessons that so many choose to not see as lessons. Of Albright, Baker, Brzezinski, Carter, Clinton and Scowcroft and their “various remedies” prior to September 11, 2001:

“Apparently, Americans are supposed to forget these supposedly brilliant strategists’ dismal records of dealing with Middle East terrorism, Islamic radicalism, and murderous dictators. However, their three decades of bipartisan failure helped bring us to the present post-9/11 world.”

It is interesting not just because my mind has wandered there before and I agree, but it is additionally so as he doesn’t go over the old ground in detail of “millions” massacred. Give Mr. Hanson and his essay a visit here, with “Back to the Future?” at NRO.

As an interesting follow on to Victor Davis Hanson’s latest is Clifford D. May and “Imagining Defeat.” He like Hanson does not dwell on the massacre, but peeks into a world in which U.S. influence no longer plays a very large role due to its not being a nation that sticks to its word and cannot see a mission through to its end.

In the mind of May, the U.S. doesn’t so much depart and “end” the war as so many clamor for, but takes it from the wars opponents perspective being right.

From Clifford D. May, “Imagining Defeat,” at NRO:

For the sake of argument, imagine that opponents of the war in Iraq are right. Suppose that our military — designed to confront a different enemy, on a different battlefield, in a different era — has met its match. Suppose that the war against al Qaeda in Iraq, as well as against various Iranian-backed Shia militias, can not be won, and that staying on in Iraq can do nothing to protect America’s vital national-security interests.”

“If that’s true, we must prepare for defeat in Afghanistan as well. There is no reason to believe that the strategy being used against us in Iraq will be less effective 1,400 miles further east.”

Continue reading here…

Lastly, and as usual, not leastly, I direct your attention to Snooper over at Take Our Country Back. He has posted today on the latest from Michael Yon. One of the many interesting aspects of a Yon piece isn’t just the usual, “we’re winning;” for me this time it was the utter mind boggling sophistication with which our military is bringing it down on the pathetic ones whose heads have become to large to support.

From Take Back Our Country, Michael Yon’s “Birds Eye View” it’s a real hoot:

“A Tactical Operations Center (TOC) is the headquarters for a unit. Company-level TOCs are the smallest I have seen. A typical infantry company has about a hundred or more soldiers. The commander will normally be a captain. A company-level TOC often consists of a radio and a map, and one person on duty 24/7. It might have a coffee maker, too.”

The rest awaits you here….

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