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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Like a Thoof in the Night

Thoof is one of those sites where you submit posts of your own or just posts you find that you really enjoy. Referring to Thoof as “one of those sites” doesn’t seem appropriate though, as the process of registering, submitting and embedding the ThoofRank badge is straightforward and extremely easy. It is also more of a personalized news submittal community.

Registration at Thoof consists of entering your email address; you then receive an email with a link back; click on that, enter a password of your choice and THAT IS IT!!! This to me is very good; none of this immediately upfront registration detail to bother with, you just get going.

Want to submit one of your posts or a particular post or article that you like? Either use the Thoof bookmark/post tool or do it manually by using the submit story function at the Thoof site. Either way requires zero thought or intelligence as I was able to do it without the usual back and forth trying to figure out how this or that works.

When you submit a post to Thoof you also include a ThoofRank badge, which tracks the popularity of the submission and this “rank” is not typical of many other social book marking sites as the ranking is based upon percentage interest a post has among users interested in that subject or niche; not just general Thoof members.

This ThoofRank badge is an html that is set up for you that you just add to your post; copy and paste and it’s done.

I fully intend to give Thoof a try; with a few simple clicks it is a virtually effortless step to add to my daily posts on my blog.

Poof and Thoof, it's done!

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