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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bits and Pieces on the Middle East

Interesting that Osama bin Laden initially called for the U.S. to leave Saudi Arabia as the main reason for his and al Qaeda’s attacks on the U.S.:

“Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden called on Pakistanis to rebel against President Pervez Musharraf in a new recording released on Thursday, saying his military's siege of a militant mosque stronghold makes him an infidel.”

On what Osama bin Laden wants:

“Bin Laden’s problem then is not really tiny Israel or global warming or mortgage interest rates, but an all-powerful and free West led by the United States. It alone has the military and economic power to stop radical Islamists. Plus, we bring the more powerful message of political freedom. And American popular culture, with its informality and egalitarianism, is sweeping the globe, seducing far more adherents than does rote memorization of the Koran.

So, despite bin Laden’s bragging,
America remains the big stumbling block, the stronger horse. The United States alone ensures that bin Laden stays a sick man babbling in a cave — and not a Muslim caliph in flowing robes, with billions of dollars in oil under his feet and weapons merchants lined up at his palace door.”

Regarding the invitation to speak at Columbia University extended to Ahamadinejad:

“Finally, I note that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been invited to speak at Columbia University. Have they at last agreed to include a moderate voice in their Middle East Studies department?”

The Phalange party of Lebanon has called:

“for a two-day strike Thursday, a day after a powerful bomb blast in Beirut killed an anti-Syrian lawmaker and four other people.”

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini condemned the terrorist attack as well. Perhaps if they had “peaceful” nukes this type of thing wouldn’t happen:

"Such an event comes from Lebanon's known enemies' plots, and upon the past background of such suspicious moves in the sensitive times of Lebanon, it comes from ominous plots of the Zionist regime, which has always been threatening Lebanese sovereignty, independence, security and people's solidarity."

Lastly, the Islamic Republic of Iran, which wants nothing but peace for the downtrodden Iraqi people is missing an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps., Qods Force member in Iraq of all places…imagine?:

“Coalition forces on Thursday arrested a suspected member of an elite Iranian unit that has been accused of training and equipping insurgents in Iraq, the U.S. military said.”

Perhaps this is an indication of poor land navigation training in Iran's military.

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