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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

May Cooler Heads Prevail - The Board

It seems that the NY Times editorial board is quite offended by the hooting and hollering of those upset and taking swipes at Columbia University for its “no better way to give hope to opponents of Iran’s repressive state than by showcasing America’s democracy and commitment to free speech.

See how free speech works? We should put Ahmadinejad on a pedestal for all to view in his ugly existence; shout down a minuteman not allowing him to speak and refuse accepting ROTC/military recruiting on the campus. Then we can hear about how bad we all were for perhaps speaking freely about how we feel about the “great” republic’s president.

The threats to the university were pathetic and the board has a failure of imagination:

“we can imagine no better way to lay bare the bankruptcy of Mr. Ahmadinejad’s views than to have him speak, and be questioned, at a university forum.”

Up, up, up and above so that we can’t avoid seeing how vile a propagandist and liar he is as exemplified by the Daily Kos diary with a review of Ahmadinejad’s Press Club speech as linked by Dean Barnett at Hugh Hewitt’s blog:

“I have to say that I think our government and the MSM have really spun us on Iran and this guy… He ain't such a bad man.”

Well, that worked…

From Hewitt is the free speech opinion that Bollinger got spanked or “punked:”

“What a fiasco. On and on Ahmadinejad goes, creating a windfall of propaganda for his barbaric regime that will be sliced and diced a hundred ways in the Muslim world, while Lee Bollinger congratulates himself on his long list of questions not one of which has been answered.”

Will cooler heads prevail; the board hopes so:

“We hope cooler heads prevail once Mr. Ahmadinejad leaves town. And we hope that what Americans and Iranians will remember is that image of professors and students, in a true democratic forum, challenging the Iranian president for his Holocaust denial, his threats against Israel and the repression of Iran’s citizens.”

The “hope” that “cooler heads” prevail is no different than the “hope” that Americans and Iranians “remember” the “image” evoked by this historical moment of “clarity.” From IRNA this morning, some headlines:

Ahmadinejad urges Western media not to tell lies about Iran

IRI President addresses students at Colombia University

Najjar: Iran to give crushing response to any threat

Yeah, that went well….

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