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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Update to Lugar's New Highway of Death

Senator Dick Lure Lugar's announcement yesterday that:

'“In my judgment, the costs and risks of continuing down the current path outweigh the potential benefits that might be achieved"'
Makes one wonder how a senior senator, a ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee could be so off or unaware of various data. Presumably he receives his intel in a form the we, the public do not as we are forced to rely upon the news media; which consistently reports bad news because it's quick and easy and offers very little good news because it is slow and laborious and not as readily apparent.

We are forced to believe that the senator receives his intel in the same place that we do, which is extremely odd. At the same time Lugar announces is his concerns (was it timed to distract from the illegal immigration fiasco?), Mario Loyola at NRO this morning can see positive results coming to fruition in Iraq now that the surge of troops has been recently completed and the surge in tactics or "kinetic phase," is underway.

Just a few tidbits to whet your appetite, which should be followed with a trip to NRO for his essay....balance is only fair, no?
"After the recent destruction of two minarets at the main Shiite mosque in Sunni-dominated Samarra (the destruction of which in February 2006 triggered the slide towards civil war) Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki immediately traveled to the town to reassure the Sunnis of his government’s support and protection. Iraqi security forces were surged to protect Sunni mosques from reprisals, while security operations continued to target the Shiite death squads. Meanwhile, the government has made progress on all the benchmark legislative initiatives, and the parliament is expected to take up and finalize several of the most crucial ones before its current session ends at the end of July. U.S. efforts have focused on capacity-building. In the field, provincial reconstruction teams (a concept born in Afghanistan, and which came late to Iraq) are now embedded in every brigade headquarters, giving commanders in every sector of Iraq the flexibility to target assistance where it is most crucially needed. And advisers from all over the U.S. government are now embedded all over the Iraqi government, helping prepare for “transition” — a term that basically means “get ready, because soon you’re on your own.”'
There is much more positive news to be had at NRO from Mario Loyola. Nothing is guaranteed, but victory as well as defeat is a slow process.

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