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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Celebrating and Waiting for 12th Imam

Celebrations have been taking place recently in Qum, Iran in a festival dedicated to the birth of Imam Mahdi or the 12th imam:

Shiites believe that Imam Mahdi, the 12th imam in a direct bloodline from the Prophet Muhammad, is alive but has remained invisible since the late ninth century, and that he will reappear only when corruption and injustice reach their zenith.”

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with the support of the Mullahs has done much to hone this message to buttress support against the “great satan” in what they see as the coming conflagration between its hoped for leadership role the global war between Islam and the infidels.

Here’s to the hope that the zenith of “corruption and injustice” is rightly seen by the Iranian people as being advanced by the leadership in their own country and not against those of us in the West, who like Rodney King just want us all to get along.

Tehran a threat to the region? This is something rarely heard from a news source, but that is just what can be read at The Times. Often it is the U.S. that is the threat to regional instability with scant attention paid to the meddling of Iran.

Iran’s Choice:”

“Rarely has his message been as blunt. Denouncing support for terrorism, arming of Iraqi militias and attempts to place the Middle East “under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust”, President Bush accused Iran of threatening the security of nations everywhere. America, he insisted, would “confront this danger before it is too late”. Within hours of his tough message, US forces in Iraq had arrested eight Iranians, searched their luggage and confiscated their Iraqi escort’s weapons before releasing them. American commanders are taking no chances. They know that Iran is smuggling men and weapons into Iraq in huge quantities, arming not only Shia militias but also rival Sunni groups with the express aim of harassing and killing coalition troops.”

Yeah, that's right, Iran actually has something to do with all of this

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