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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Right Doesn't Make Scandals Like the Old Hat Left

It’s odd that someone in the public eye like a politician would risk their career and/or what they have accomplished for some fun. The recent media revelation of an Idaho senator’s attempt at participating in what is called “anonymous sex,” is just such a case.

Senator Craig is not the first, nor will he be the last, but do you ever notice how much media play a Conservative politician rates when they have fallen from grace? This, we are told is attributed to the usual Conservative stance of “family values,” and the juxtaposition of this moral ethic and “anonymous sex.”

This is, as many have said already a double standard between what constitutes a Conservative scandal and a Liberal scandal. As only one example, Former President Bill Clinton participated in lewd conduct with an intern in the Oval Office of all places and lied about it under oath before a grand jury, yet he escaped impeachment and to this day is the darling of the Left.

Recently Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has been caught in a bit of a mess with donations from questionable sources, the Paw Family and Norma Hsu. It is by no means expected that Ms. Clinton should know about every donor on her list, although Hsu is one of the few, and the proud mendacious “Hillraisers,” so it shouldn’t in that instance be too much of a stretch to have the campaign get a clue about it.

What should be of concern is of the Democrat scandals that lose the front page quickly one that should be back up there loud and clear is the Clinton political machines other questionable campaign financing scandals and how the old intersects (thanks to Jason Breidenbach for the link) with the new.

America Coming Together, a 527 group presided over by former Clinton aide Harold Ickes and heavily funded by George Soros and other wealthy Leftwing individuals getting richer with George Bush’s tax cuts : ), has been required to pay a fine the equivalent of which is a paltry fraction of the almost $100 million spent in the 2004 election.

A scandal of this nature should tower over the perversions of a “family values” politician as the ramifications of such has a vast scope and ultimately affects us all in that Senator Clinton is vying for the highest office in the land

For a further view into the Liberal, Leftist, scandal read some excerpts from Byron York’s 2005 book “The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy,” which is available at NRO today and paints the reality in clear, concise description, which begins with the author’s note:

On Wednesday, the Federal Election Commission slapped America Coming Together with a $775,000 fine — the third-largest such penalty in history — for violating campaign-finance laws in the 2004 election. Now largely defunct, America Coming Together was the biggest of the so-called “527” groups that took in millions from donors like George Soros for the purpose of defeating George W. Bush. In a case that has taken years to decide, the FEC ruled that America Coming Together did an end-run around the campaign-finance laws in 2004 by claiming it was using its money for non-partisan purposes like voter registration when it was in fact spending millions specifically targeting Bush.”

Political Grind has a discussion post up for debate/comments about the Craig scandal; comment system is via Intense Debate a "beta-ish" application that is not perfected yet, but its possibilities are endless. Give it a visit and keep the discussion going...

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