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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

HillaryCare II: HillaryCare I Was Not Sneaky Enough

An NRO Symposium on HillaryCare the Second, "Dr Hillary Will See You Now"

“Hillary Clinton says she has learned the lessons HillaryCare I. Judging by HillaryCare II, she still prefers the perverse incentives of collectivism over the virtuous incentives of the market. All she learned was that she wasn’t sneaky enough the first time around.”

Michael F. Cannon

“Senator Clinton would require Americans to have health insurance, and she would provide expensive new government subsidies to help households pay the premiums.”

James Capretta

“In one fell swoop she has cut the Gordian knot of health-care reform. The problem, especially for a Democratic presidential candidate, is: No matter what you propose, a significant number of the party faithful are not going to like it. The obvious solution: Propose everything!”

John C. Goodman

“The cornerstone idea: Make employers buy insurance for their employees. From a distance, it doesn’t sound unfair — but it probably would do little, except lead to more outsourcing, part-time jobs, and contracting out.”

Dr. David Gratzer

“The financing relies on targeted Medicare reduction, employer mandates and, of course, “revenue enhancements” that will come with the promised end of the hated Bush tax cuts. It is unclear just how many times Washington can expect to repeal the Bush tax cuts.”

Robert E. Moffit

“The challenge with Hillary’s new proposal, which is the challenge with each of the Democrats proposals, is how deftly they take from ideas that in some form have been blessed by leading Republicans and right of center thinkers while twisting them in pursuit of taxpayer-funded universal health care.”

Sally C. Pipes

“HillaryCare2 shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone (except Bruce Bartlett who has deluded himself into thinking that Hillary Clinton is the second coming of Ronald Reagan), and it’s as bad as it sounds”

Pat Toomey

“She would achieve universal health coverage by requiring everyone in America to have health insurance, and she would require businesses to pay a significant share of the costs. This “individual mandate” inevitably means that government would decide what kind of health insurance we must have, what must be covered, and what penalties we will face if we don’t comply.”

Grace-Marie Turner

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