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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Iranian Peaceful Nukes – Almost there on Agreement

"We do not take these statements seriously. Comments to the media are different from real statements" – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in response to recent statements from France

According to the Director of the IAEA, Mohamed “Neville Chamberlain” El Baradei:

“there is no reason to go beyond diplomacy in dealing with Iran's nuclear program.

The international community needs to keep the process of dialogue open in order to restrict the idea of using force against Iran, he said.

Underlining the need for clarifying and moving forward within the framework of a timetable agreed upon by IAEA and Iran, he said other nations should understand that the issue has been tied with the security of the region, therefore, they are expected to be more patient.

Taking a page from Ahmadinejad, we should add; we do not take these statements seriously, comments by diplomats never speak beyond the process of negotiation.”

The “secular pope” is seeing to it that the entire region/world sits back while he takes care of us all. A diplomats job is never done, their daily work accomplishes countless negotiation points each day; forget the fact that the art of diplomacy being practiced by El Baradei with Iran is wholly intended to avoid a military confrontation with Iran at all costs. One cost of this avoidance? A nuclear Iran.

El Baradei’s further advice to belligerents itching for a fight:

“If the parties involved in the dossier of Iran's nuclear program hold talks around a table, the result will be better than speaking about who should use force against Iran.”

Lunch included.

El Baradei also used Iran’s neighbor, Iraq as a lesson; citing that it is an example in which “innocent people are killed every day and thus, all parties should be careful when they speak about use of force.

For so many like El Baradei, the “lesson” is the innocents killed daily. The irony that those he negotiates with are very responsible for the deaths of the innocents escapes the professional diplomat

He’s naïve and idiosyncratic and that amounts to being dangerous. His argument for years was that he could talk Iran out of being a nuclear threat. Then it was, ‘O.K., we’ll just let them experiment.’ Now it’s, ‘you’re never going to get them to give up.” – John Bolton referring to Mohamed El Baradei

Not so secret war

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