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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Family Fun, Cotton Candy and Death to Israel

Time to pack the family up and get ready for the fun and frivolity of International Qods Day (IQD) celebrations slated for October 5, 2007.

What is IQD?:

“International Qods Day reminds the world of the decades of Israeli oppression against an innocent and defenseless nation. The late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, designated the day. During this annual event both Muslims and non-Muslims in large numbers in many countries come out to renew their support for the Palestinians and their resistance against the cruel Israeli military occupation.”

In juxtaposition to the day, Israeli Foreign Minister and Vice Prime Minister Tzipi Livni while addressing the UN 62nd General Assembly yesterday said:

"The foundation for true peace lies in the vision of two States, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security."

Of the threats of terror and extremism she said:

"Israel may be on the front lines of this battle" against terrorism, but it is not our fight alone. This is a global battle...today it is clear that the extremists are engaged in a bloody war against civilians and communities...in every corner of the world. And it is clear too, that the Middle East conflict is not a cause of this global extremist agenda, but a consequence of it."

"But for success to be genuine and lasting, you - the nations of the world - need to be partners in a shared global struggle against the extremism and terror that feed conflict, for your sake not just for ours."

Of Iran, a major force behind the International Qods Day, though her comments were not with regard to the day:

"No responsible state disagrees that Iran is the most prominent sponsor of terrorism...None disagrees that Iran denies the Holocaust and speaks openly of its desire to wipe a member state - mine - off the map...",

"Too many see the danger but walk idly by - hoping that someone else will take care of it. What is the value, we have to ask, of an organization which is unable to take effective action in the face of a direct assault on the very principles it was founded to protect? It is time for the United Nations, and the States of the world, to live up to their promise of never again."

Iranian leaders/groups remarks regarding International Qods Day

Majlis deputy from Tehran Saeed Abutaleb said of the day of unity:

“the world should break silence on the day and the Muslims are expected to chant slogans in support of Palestinians.”

Agreed, the world should break its silence and shove the truth down the throats of these instigators of death in Iran that have so much to do with keeping the terror in the region living and breathing.

Moussa Qorbani, member of the Majils presiding board while calling for “massive turnout” Friday said:

“According to history, the Palestinian territory belongs to the Palestinian nation.

In reaction to failures the Zionists suffered in the occupied territories, the occupying regime has exerted intensive pressure on innocent Palestinian people.

The World Bank said in a report that the economic sanctions Israel imposed on Palestinians in Gaza has made life drastically difficult.”

Damned Israelis, why won’t they give aid and comfort to the Hezzies that are now in charge in Gaza? Can you imagine how peaceful the world would be without them?

The World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thoughts (WFPIST or We’re F**kin’ Pissed) statement of unity:

"The international Qods Day is considered the day of emergence of the Islamic grandeur, Muslims' campaign against arrogant powers, symbol of Islamic solidarity and resistance by the oppressed, and unity among all justice-seeking and truth-lover human beings."

I’m guessing the “justice-seeking, truth-lover human beings” will in time find truth, but not until their propaganda and lies are effectively considered truth.

Palestinian Ambassador to Iran, Salah Zawawi talked to Iran Daily about this day of celebrations, rallies and protests last year. In describing US support of the Zionist Israelis…:

“The reason for this was not their love for the Jews, rather they wanted to get rid of the Jews and their evilness. The Americans have been pushing for their own interest in the Middle East, including oil and hegemony. The US wants to spread the seeds of discord among Arabs and Muslims and rule over them. It has a history of creating turmoil in Muslim countries and enmity among Sunnis and Shiites. The so-called new Middle East Initiative is in line with this policy.”

Iran leads the way in attempts at unifying Muslims and Muslim nations with the expectations that the final product will be under its leadership. Iran supports and is a terrorist state and is devoted to Islamification of the planet. Pipe dreams for sure, but anything is possible when we keep our eyes closed and ears plugged.


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