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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

First Annual International Day of Non-Violence – Oct 2, 2007

Addressing the UN General Assembly in its first observance of “International Day of Non-Violence, Secretary-General of the UN Ban Ki-moon said:

“The message of Mahatma Gandhi, whose peaceful struggle helped birth an independent India and inspired countless people around the world, is needed now more than ever amid rising global tensions, intolerance and conflict.”

According to UN reporting:

India’s Minister of State for External Affairs, Mr. Anand Sharma, said that the wide and diverse sponsorship of the resolution was a reflection of the universal respect for Mahatma Gandhi and of the enduring relevance of his philosophy.”

Yeah, that and this is what the UN does, right….much easier than action; but to the UN this is action! Feel Good!!!!!

Quoting Mahatma Ghandi with whom the day is to honor from that paragon of all things peaceful, Iran:

"Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man"

Please note: this is not to be confused with International Qods Day even though this particular reporting comes from IRNA

On the subject of International Qods Day (mark your calendars, 10/5/07), more remarks from participants in the Islamic Republic.

From Secretary General of the Society of Jame Rouhaniyat-e-Mobarez (JRM), the Ayatollah Mohammad-Reza mahdavi-Kani noted that:

“sixty years of bloodshed in Palestine proved that Israel cannot live in peace. He said that recognition of the occupying regime will never bring peace to Palestine and the Zionist regime cannot live without bloodshed.”

The Tehrani Jewish community or TJC exhorted many to participate:

“massively in the International Qods Day rallies. Qods day is a sign of love and interest, of the followers of divine religions, in holy Qods, that is respected by all monotheists.”

Interior Minister Hojjatoleslam Mostafa Pour- Mohammadi said:

“all Muslims are expected to take part in the International Qods Day rallies for the sake of unity and integrity of Muslims in defense of the Palestinian nation.”

Last but certainly not least, especially on this first annual International Day of Non-Violence, the Islamic Republic Army on Tuesday condemned the "usurper" Zionists' crimes in occupied Palestine and said they will take part in the International Qods Day rallies on October 5. A statement reported by IRNA read:

"After lapse of six decades from establishment of the Zionist regime and the entity's ambitious objectives, the concept of cancerous tumor, attributed to the usurper regime, has become more evident to all."

May efforts to appreciate and celebrate this first annual day of non-violence lend itself to the Islamic Republic army as:

“the occupying regime of Qods' threat goes far beyond Palestine, Lebanon and even the Middle East but the US and western states do not show any reaction to the clandestine nuclear activities of the occupying regime.”

Oh yeah, and Obama is working to “urge elimination of nuclear weapons….”

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