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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid Hijacks Immigration and the American People with it

By forcing a vote on the bill as it stands and with no further discussion, Reid continues to attempt to hamper progress. A political move that attempts to keep the bill the way it is, even though many are still not happy with it, nor should they be.

If successful, Reid's scam will allow more people here illegally some type of amnesty.

What's up this guys sleeve? If it fails, how will he look? How will that be blamed on the Republicans? Perhaps he will appeal to the Hispanic community and further the cause of demagoguery if his invocation of cloture is defeated. If it succeeds what will it say to us, the American people that yet again we are mere pawns in this party's games.

Personally, I think both parties cannot handle this type of legislation without completely screwing it up and giving us yet another garbled set of laws that no one will enforce anyway. These issues should be broken down, with say the border a stand alone issue, then go from there.

Update: Harry did blame the Republicans and vice versa, however his ploy failed (lucky for him), with 60 NO votes and 39 YES.

Senate Majority leader Bill Frist has brought the latest confusion up a notch with a compromise bill that would put "illegal immigrants" into three categories.

1.) Those who have lived in the country at least five years would be put on a path toward guaranteed citizenship, provided that they remained employed, paid fines and back taxes, and learned English. Mr. Frist said said this group accounted for about 60 percent of the roughly 11 million illegal immigrants believed to be living here.

2.) Those who have lived here for two to five years, said to number about three million, would have to leave the country briefly before reporting to an American port of entry, where they would be classified as temporary workers. They would be allowed to apply for citizenship but would have no guarantee of obtaining it. Those who did not would have to leave after participating in the temporary worker program for six years.

3.) The remaining one million or so, those who have lived in the country less than two years, would be required to leave. They could apply for temporary worker status but would not be guaranteed it.

It never seems to occur to these guys that they are just making a bad problem worse.THE THREE CATEGORIES


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