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Monday, May 08, 2006

More Illegal Protest Backlash

Why on earth we have bi-lingual ballots and translation assistance at polls I'll never know. I'm sure there is warm heartfelt reasoning behind it, but it does not mean it is appropriate. Perhaps since the effected individuals didn't take an ESL classes, they can take the 21 century version, ELL or English Language Learners. ESL has gone through a rigorous overhaul and come up with this new name. Rather than imply that these people have to learn a second language because english is not their first; they are learning english - very different because it is EDUCATION! I would hope one would not challenge this, as you wouldn't want to be labled against education, would you?

Backlash or no, will Republicans be willing to be labled as even more racist by not voting to extend the no longer necessary Voting Rights Act?

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Sometimes there really is a silver lining.

From ContraCosta Times

WASHINGTON - A group of House Republicans wants to do away with bilingual ballots and translation assistance at the polls, a reflection of how tensions over immigration are pervading other issues.

As Congress readies to reauthorize the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the lawmakers are lobbying their colleagues to let the act's language assistance provisions expire.

The 56 lawmakers support the act but say the language assistance to voters -- provided throughout much of California -- undermines national unity, increases the risk of election fraud and puts an undue burden on state and local governments.

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