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Friday, July 07, 2006

Interim Friday Prayers from downtown Tehran

I had wanted to make this a regular Friday post; however as I have failed for one reason or another in keeping up....I will make this a regular Friday post with the occasional missed post.

Not much on the "peaceful" nuke front in today's Iterim Friday Prayers as led by Interim Friday Prayers Leader of Tehran Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati.

BUT - he did make mention of a little place not on any Iranian map:

Jannati condemned the recent crimes committed by the Zionists in occupied Palestine, asking the Alims of Islam not to remain silent about those inhumane and horrendous crimes.

The Friday preacher of Tehran said that the story of the pain suffered by the Palestinians seems to be an endless story, asking Hamas officials to let the other Islamic nations hear about the oppressed status of the Palestinian people, as they do in Tehran.

Pointing out that Israel has chosen the Football World Cup period to exert its most horrendous crimes against the Palestinians, he said, Observing silence in confrontation with those crimes is equal to being an accomplice of the criminal Zionists."

In his first sermon, Jannati had referred to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH and his Infallible Household) as the best model for the entire mankind, and the Prophet of lenience, and blessedness."
Those treacherous Zionists!!! Imagine attacking innocents during the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Holy Football World Cup Month!

I've no doubt, those strenuously representing the "best model for the entire mankind" have some plans for Israel once they have peacefully generated electricity through the aid of constitutionally rightful nuclear power.

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