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Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday Sermon from Iran

IRNA shares this weeks Friday Sermon:

'"Tehran's Substitute Friday prayers leader Ayatollah Emami Kashani warned Muslims against plots made by the West to sow discord among the Shia and Sunni.

"The enemy is preparing a massive plan for the Islamic world and for the entire region," said the cleric addressing the worshipers at Tehran University campus.

He stressed that after the Western states were obliged to admit the defeat of their policies in Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan, they have decided to set up new plans.

"Shia-Sunni division is a dirty lesson taught by the world arrogance in Muslim countries," Ayatollah Kashani said regretting that the lesson was used by some of the Muslim states."'

Also, brimming with love and peace for all mankind, "the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei sent a message to the Hajj pilgrims;" with such classics as:
"The Muslim ummah embraces various nations, races and followers of different sects in Islam. This diversity and the vast geographical stretch of the ummah in a sensitive and important part of the planet Earth can be a source of strength."
Very multicultural or better yet, multi-sectual of him.
"From the very first days of their entry into the Islamic countries, the Western colonialist powers have taken account of this diversity and have consistently attempted to arouse divisive sentiments."
We in the West detest "diversity" like no other. We in the West seek to divide Shia and Sunni; not the other way around....anyone heard of a place called Iraq?

"With the commencement of Islamic awakening which reached its peak with the emergence of the Islamic republic in Iran, the Western camp faced a formidable threat."

A threat to reality and peace.

Observations upon an obviously split second "glance:"
"A glance at today's Palestine which has a government that has come to power committed to the unchangeable principle of 'liberation from Zionist occupation', and comparison of the present situation with the seclusion, isolation and weakness of Palestinian people in the past;

"A glance at Lebanon in which the Muslims put their lives on the line to defeat the equipped Israeli army with all the help that it received from the U.S., the West and other hypocritical powers, and its comparison with the Lebanon that the Zionists could easily encroach upon and move forward without any real obstacles; "A glimpse at Iraq, in which its proud people humiliated the pompous America, and bogged down the army and politicians that boasted of having a free hand in Iraq, in a quagmire of political, military and economic problems, and its comparison with previous Iraq in which its bloodthirsty leader brutalized its people with the encouragement of the United States;

"A glance at today's Afghanistan in which all the promises of the US and the West have turned out to be lies and the unprecedented military expedition of the united front of Western countries have produced nothing, except destruction, poverty, killings and the growing power of the narcotics mafia;

"And finally, a glance at the youthful populations of the Islamic countries and the generation with growing tendency toward Islamic values and the rising sentiments against the US and the West; "Looking at all these developments provides us with a clear and true picture of the falling fortunes and the failed policies of the arrogant powers, especially the United States, and augur well for the emergence of the united Islamic identity."
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