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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Democratic Leadership Prepares Limits to Free Speech

I found this post at Right Truth, incredibly disturbing. San Fran Nan is just a Grandmother huh? The Democrats slowly let the American people in on their plans......

From Right Truth, "Nancy Pelosi to undermine free speech":

It seems that the Nancy Pelosi plans to 'ram through a new law that would seriously undermine free speech – and put restrictions on conservative groups and others who encourage ordinary citizens to directly deal with Congress.' (hat tip Mind of Mog who says, "Oh gee, just what I wanted… that shrew Pelosi to curb my free speech.")

Will Pelosi's plot apply to bloggers?

“The . . . plan is perhaps the most comprehensive regulation of political speech ever proposed, and would make small grassroots causes report quarterly to Congress — the same as K Street lobbyists representing wealthy interests before Congress,’ Viguerie says.

“The reporting requirements and more severe penalties being written in response to recent congressional corruption scandals would apply to those who have no Washington lobbyists, who make no political contributions, and who do not provide gifts, travel or anything of value to politicians,” Viguerie continues.

For the rest of the post get over to Right Truth.....


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