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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

FBI Reports Duct-Taping, 'Baptizing' at Guantanamo

According to WaPo:

"The reports released yesterday were the result of an internal survey conducted in 2004 by the FBI, which asked nearly 500 employees who had served at Guantanamo Bay to report possible mistreatment by law enforcement or military personnel. More than two dozen incidents were reported, including some that the government had revealed in earlier document releases."
Some of the abuses mentioned by the Washington Post:
"frequent flyer program," in which detainees who were deemed uncooperative were placed on a list to be subjected to special sleep-deprivation tactics. The prisoners were moved frequently from cellblock to cellblock at intervals of two to four hours to interrupt their sleep."

Previously reported abuses, "wrapping a prisoner in an Israeli flag, subjecting others to extreme heat and cold, and aggressively using strobe lights on others."
Ultimately, investigations are necessary when incidences like these are revealed, however they don't seem to rise to the level that the ACLU apparently feels that they do:
"More comprehensive investigation is needed, not only into the scope of abuses but into the root causes and policies that led to those incidents."
The fact that the ACLU is involved at all, really should make people wonder just who this group actually represents. Perhaps it's time for a new name for the "union."

Visit Stop the ACLU for up to date "abuses," of our system by the ACLU.

Also visit Rightwing Guy for his "The Clinton Mistake," Hillary that is. RWG doesn't have that positive a take on her and I would tend to agree. There is something about this person that has always struck me as completely made up and interested in only one thing, "power." Her power.


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