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Thursday, February 22, 2007

San Fran Nan: Free Range Open Borders and an Education on Us: The "Nightmare Act" - NeoCon Command Center

The NeoCon Command Center has a nice post revealing more of what some people elected this past November. Which I guess is better to these folks than a president that is said "to lie," vs politicians that actually do.

A few thoughts before I hand you over.

San Fran Nan hid nice and low hiding what she was truly about until after the election; oddly enough they all did, with the exception of the more Conservative Dems that were the poster children for electoral purposes only.

The Nightmare Act

"A new version of the bipartisan DREAM Act, which addresses the tragedy of young people who grew up in the United States and have graduated from U.S. high schools but whose future is circumscribed by current immigration laws."
We have a this time, a government that refuses to do anything about immigration reform; unless of course it can be done in a "comprehensive" manner. This is much better than allowing enforcement first, followed by fixes to other portions lacking; thereby allowing all manner of "comprehensive" garbage to be slipped in right under our noses.

Following on the heals of wasting as much time as they can with their "non-binding" cheese platters, the Democratic Leadership now seeks to continue building upon their voter rolls by playing nice with "illegal" aliens (I'm sure voting won't be far behind). Along with the usual talk of immigration reform that grants an "illegal alien felony free pass," on the road to citizenship; they now wish to force states to charge the children of "illegal aliens" in-state tuition rates.

Reacting to the citizenry's opposition of any kind to "comprehensive" immigration reform garners the label of xenophobe, racist and so on. This unfortunately is all we can expect to receive from cluelessly elected officials as citizens of this country.

Good luck getting student financial assistance for college if your parents make too much money to qualify, yet too little to put you through it. Nancy et al would like for you, the taxpayer to foot the bill for the children of felons; although she cares, so we'll only have to pay the in-state going rate. Thanks.....

We have an immigration nightmare on our hands, because of these very officials or those of their ilk. Rather than enforce what we have on the books now, they've been ignored. Fill the void with rhetoric and it requires "reform." What if enforcing the laws we have now actually worked? But that doesn't matter because eventually they'll break what's not fixed or fix what's not broken and end up breaking it or......logic evades at this point.

I, as an American citizen want my "in-state" tuition rights regardless of state I choose to pop over to. I would also like my own "U.S. Citizen felony free pass," before these *sshats do anything. Sorry, I'm pissed!

From NeoCon Command Center - "Pelosi - Taxing YOU To Send Illegals to College" - Read it and SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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