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Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday Sermon from Iran - April 6, 2007

Substitute leader of Tehran Friday Prayers Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati led the congregation today with the positive words to worshipers that the “era of US and Israel is gone and they incline towards collapse,” adding:

"However, this (US and Israel collapse) takes time and history is moving in this direction although they may not realize."

You don't say?

Some of the more promising and humanity filled remarks or high points covered:

  • President Ahmadinejad is a very popular figure in that country (Egypt) and an opinion poll in there indicates that “Momo” is the second most popular leader after the Lebanese Seyed Hassan Nasrallah.

· President Ahmedinajad’s foreign policy has been very successful and urged everybody in the country to support the government.

· Iranian people are waiting to hear the good news which the officials have promised regarding “peaceful nukes.”

  • Supreme Leader's naming the new Iranian year as the year of 'national unity and Islamic solidarity' and underlined the importance of unity among the Muslims as a factor in neutralizing the enemies' plots.

· Expressions of hope that one day, Iran would gain access to the full cycle of uranium enrichment.

Please mark you calendars for - “National day of nuclear technology to be marked in Natanz

“A ceremony to honor the national day of nuclear technology in Iran will be held at Natanz nuclear site on Monday April 9.”

Note that following the link to “National day” results in an error

Final Note: News articles regarding the Friday Sermons found on IRNA are categorized under “Politics” at IRNA; they don’t have a separation of mosque and state like the Great Satan.

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