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Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Sermon from Iran and the Carnivorous Wolf that is the U.S.

If you can stand it read some of the sermon from one of the Mullahs of Peace. Why would anyone believe their nuclear intentions are for peaceful purposes? I would say more, but it isn’t really necessary.

Provisional Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Hojjatoleslam Ahmad Khatami continued Iranian professions of peace, with regard to talks with the U.S.:

"The late grand Imam's stand on refraining from entering talks with the Americans was an ideal of the Islamic Revolution."

"That carnivorous wolf is not of the type to enter negotiations. America is only after securing its own hegemony. The Supreme Leader denounced entering talks with the United States last week, even on Iraq, and that stand of the Supreme Leader is exactly in line with the grand late Imam's relative stands."

"Let us not forget that the late Imam said that America is the Great Satan, wishing for the severing of ties with that country. I ask those that promote entering negotiations with the Americans whether intrigues of the United States (against Iran) have got any milder during the course of the past 27 years, or not?"

"Regarding our country, ever since the victory of the Islamic Revolution all the plots hatched against us have been in a way related to the United States.”

"In case of the ethnic unrest, the plot aimed at flickering the flames of ethnic wars, support for the terrorists, launching the Iraqi imposed war, supporting all coup attempts, and lastly, ratification of a 109 million dollar budget to support groups that intend to overthrow the Iranian political system, you can easily see the US hands involved."

"At the international scene, too, wherever the Americans have been able to bite Iran using their poisonous sting, they have not hesitated. In Iraq, they entered the country claiming they want to establish democracy, leading to the most inhumane torture of Iraqis in Abu Ghraib Prison.”

"They claimed they had come to Iraq to restore security, but they deprived the civilians of peace of mind and security, ambushing into their residential homes every now and them, violating the privacy of people's wives and daughters. The self-claimed democracy of the Americans is interpreted in getting killed of 67,000 Iraqis ever since the US-led occupation of Iraq, and that is probably what American style security is supposed to mean."

"In Iraq's case the entire plots there are hatched directly or indirectly by the Americans, and we have strong proofs and documents for this claim. Member of Leadership Experts Council, focusing on devastating 33- day Israeli war on Lebanon, said, ‘"Beyond doubt, one of the main flickers of the flames of that war was the United States, and of course, Israel in no less to blame, but thanks Allah, the only fruit they gained from that wretched act was being humiliated."

"Today, too, it is the Americans that keep hatching plots in Lebanon, depriving the Lebanese nation of tasting security and peace of mind even for a single day."
AMERICA, AXIS OF EVIL IN REGION. We can with most certainty announce today that the United States has become the obvious manifestation of the Axis of Evil in the region."

"Regarding Iraq, today we hear the Iraqi officials and reputable personalities there, asking us to enter talks with the Americans aimed at solving the problems there. That does not equal entering negotiations. The matter is sitting at the same table where the Iranian officials would tell them (the Americans) that when a country is occupied by another, in accordance with the international laws, the occupier country has full responsibility for the occupied country's entire affairs."

"Therefore, the first people to be blamed for any human being that gets killed in Iraq are the occupiers, and we pray to God that the Iranian officials would succeed in convincing the Americans about this fact during their meeting.”

"There would be no negotiations, and when we say so, this is not a sentimental comment."

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