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Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Sermon from Iran and A Round-up in Logic

Efforts to travel back in time are moving full speed ahead one second at a time in an alternate universe; Hillary Clinton has proposed that Congress repeal the authority given to the president to invade Iraq. According to The NY Times the senator from NY said:

‘“It is time to reverse the failed policies of President Bush and to end this war as soon as possible.”’

Presidential hopeless John Edwards entered his suggestion for support of the soldiers and a speedy ending to the Democrat created stalemate between the Commander and Chief and the Congress:

‘“Congress should stand its ground and not back down to him. They should send him the same bill he just vetoed, one that supports our troops, ends the war and brings them home.”’

The Iranian Ambassador to Thailand, Mohsen Pak-Ayeen is in agreement with this assessment, although his statement was made prior to the integrity and reality based good senator made her proposal, (brilliant minds think alike I guess); speaking of the conference in Egypt and Iran’s participation, he said:

"Iran attends the international Sharm el-Sheikh conference to assist Iraq and urge withdrawal of American and other forces from the country.

"Iraqi government is a legal and popular one and world countries should help promote Iraqi security and stability.”

Whether or not “other forces” includes those not in uniform from Iran, Syria and elsewhere in the region he did not say. But he is quite excited about “Europe's rational approach to the issue can lead to future progress on Iran's nuclear issue.

Back on our home planet, although speaking from another time, Substitute leader of Tehran Friday prayers Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati in Tehran during yet another uplifting sermon said:

“The west wants to install a puppet regime in Iraq adding the region does not need guardians to make decisions for it.”

Speaking of the conference taking place at Sharm el-Sheikh the loving spiritual leader said:

"Iran's participation in the conference was a rational decision because it does not let the western countries advance their ill intentions there. If the west does not cause obstructions, the Iraqi officials can establish security in their country with the help of their neighbors. If the conference does not help to security in Iraq, it will be of no use."

In Karaj, Iran speaking before clerics and Friday prayer leaders, Chairman of the Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani spoke of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s naming this year as the year of “National unity and Islamic solidarity,” saying:

“The global arrogance has launched full-scale campaign against Islam and religion because they are aware that reliance on religion is impediment to their aggression and the world Muslim should be united to defend religious and spiritual values.”

“Clerics throughout history have always struggled with the influence of the aliens and even sustained martyrs in fight against colonialists.”

“In fight against Muslims they are against our access to peaceful nuclear technology.”

“The Islamic movement is moving forward and the future belongs to Islam.”

Gosh, if only the clerics had more control and were able to participate more in Iran. Imagine what it could do for the whole region?

Attending the talks at Sharm el-Sheikh and talking on the sidelines with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmad Ali Aboul Gheit; Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi warned that:

“The United Nations Security Council against making a hasty decision on Iran's nuclear case.”

I’m assuming the hastiness with which the UN has been dealing with Iranian “peaceful nukes” is based upon the centuries long existence of China as a nation or people itself.

A good reason perhaps to avoid any hasty “actions” by the UN toward Iran could be realistically based upon the usual talking points as repeated endlessly by the President of the Islamic Republic, none other than Mahmoud “momo” Ahmadinejad:

‘"Today, Iranians are prepared to take a leap forward, but the enemies, ill-wishers and colonial powers are against the progress, development and welfare of our nation.”’

‘"Today our nation is united and willing to hold talks based on reason and within the framework of law. Iranians are against aggression, bullying and extremism. However the enemies should be aware that the nation will not even give up an iota of its rights."’

Today…hmmm…I wonder what his plans are for tomorrow.

Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali “Larry” Larijani while not busy in “peaceful nuke” talk said that:

Iran plays a constructive role in helping establish security in neighboring Iraq.”

My apologies here, as always there is the issue of translation from Persian to English, so I am not sure if he actually meant a “destructive,” rather than “constructive” role in the security situation in Iraq.

Hopefully Senator Clintons attempts at time travel will succeed as it’s about the only way anything suggested by the Left could ever succeed against the likes of these guys.

Give Peace a Chance

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