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Friday, May 11, 2007

More Troops for BLOODY Iraq Province and Peace from Iran

CNN has the goods with a great headline:

U.S. general wants more troops for bloody Iraq province

Make no mistake, nothing is pretty, that’s why they say “war is hell.”

Army Major General Benjamin R. Mixon, commander 25th Inf Div said:

‘"I do not have enough soldiers right now in Diyala province to get that security situation moving"’

‘"We have plans to put additional forces in that area. ... We have put additional forces in there over that last couple months, an additional Stryker battalion, but I'm going to need additional forces in Diyala province to get that situation to a more acceptable level."’

Don’t get this post wrong, but this is where it is assumed CNN uses when deciding upon the headline. An assumption is made as this is the only area in the article where violence is noted:

“The level of violence has increased in Diyala, Mixon said, because the forces are increasing their offensive operations against the insurgents, many of whom have left Baghdad during the recent security crackdown, and because al Qaeda in Iraq has made Diyala a focus.”

Insurgents and in the next paragraphs enemy referred to are mainly al Qaeda members, included in the province is the town where Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was flattened by a U.S. airstrike.

This particular province (Diyala) borders Iran and has been a good hiding places for the enemy.

Speaking of Iran, earlier today Provisional Tehran Friday Prayer Leader Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani during the weekly Friday Sermon said of the U.S. in Iraq:

‘"The only important point for the US statesmen is that 4,000 US soldiers have got killed in Iraq, not caring a bit about the huge number of the innocent Iraqis that have got killed at home due to the US arrogant policies."’

Pretty nice use of Democrat obstinance, no?

Hans Blix is back in the news; Iranian news anyway. It appears he believes since Tehran was not required to suspend uranium enrichment, had the Iranians ‘“been asked to do so in return for achieving some really greater advantage, that would have been worth consideration."’

Perfect diplomatic blindness and logic, considering Ahmadinejad always says something like:

"The Iranian people will continue to defend its legitimate demands and rights [in the nuclear sphere], and will not yield an inch."


So let that be a warning?

In Lebanon:

“Prominent Lebanese Shi'a source of jurisprudence Allameh Mohammad-Hussain Fazlallah here Friday warned Arab countries not to harmonize with US anti-Iranian efforts.”

‘"The Iranian officials have also very frankly stressed in all their meetings and negotiations that Tehran's nuclear program is entirely peaceful, posing absolutely no security threat against the region, or beyond."’

Our intentions are entirely peaceful, especially with “peaceful nukes.”

Iran's Supreme National Security Council member, Bahador Aminian said:

“Muslim world should make maximum benefit of the unique good opportunities that are available to it.”

‘"Despite extensive problems and plots hatched by enemies against the world of Islam, opportunities should be used in the best way to properly introduce and define the religion of Islam.”’

Did somebody say Jihad?

Speaking at the 16th Graduation Ceremony of Commanders and Army Headquarters Officers, Major General Seyyed Hassan Firouzabadi said:

The “Iranian military forces' readiness for countering ultra-regional threats and achieving victory in uneven wars.”

‘"The prophecy of our military schools' graduates today is to merge their scientific know-how with actual practice, since the real value of a true soldier is to be ready for entering the scenes of Jihad bravely in the sacred way of the Truth."’

Sleep well….peace is at hand…

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