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Monday, May 14, 2007

Iran Proffers Peace with Severe Retaliation

Friday during expressions of love for all mankind Provisional Tehran Friday Prayer Leader Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani during the weekly Friday Sermon said of the U.S. in Iraq:

‘"The only important point for the US statesmen is that 4,000 US soldiers have got killed in Iraq, not caring a bit about the huge number of the innocent Iraqis that have got killed at home due to the US arrogant policies."’

Today, in the interest of peace and reconciliation, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad offered these dove-like remarks:

'"They realize that if they make such a mistake the retaliation of Iran would be severe and they will repent. All people know they cannot strike us. Iran is capable of defending itself. It is a strong country. Superpowers cannot prevent us from owning this energy."'

'“We in the Persian Gulf are faced by difficulties and enemies. Those do not want the region to live in safety ... peace can be achieved by getting rid of these forces. They intervene in the region and make it insecure. They claim that lack of security is the reason for their presence (but) the problem is the intervention of foreign powers."'

'"They know that their plans have failed in Iraq, their vision is wrong. As long as you are plotting against the Iraqi people, failure will be there day after day."'

We love you too Momo! Sounds like we’re almost there…

So, how go negotiations with the nation that is ready to talk?

The suspension of uranium enrichment would be unacceptable as a precondition to talks…Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said:

'"Iran will accept no precondition. The idea can be discussed, if it causes no illegal limitation for Iran's legal activities."'

Further expressing the reality we in the West wish to ignore; Minister of Defense Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar said the following:

'"The wrong and unilateral strategy pursued by the enemies of Iran made Iranian scholars determined to attain self-sufficiency."'

One of the summations by the IRNA news source of the Defense Ministers statements:

“Domestic unity and Islamic solidarity as well as attention to scientific issues will bring about a big change in the world, adding that the global arrogance is afraid of development of Muslim nations.”

“He noted that the westerners copied the Islamic knowledge and then misused the sciences against the Muslim nations.”

It all boils down to the West’s need for the Iranian technology:

"The West chants mottos such as 'human rights and knowledge has has no border' in order to make use of knowledge and capabilities of Iranian talented people."

Remember, next time some neo whatever says Iran is a danger…

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