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Monday, May 14, 2007

U.N. Commission on Sustainable Dictatorships - Not a Penny More!!!

Cross posted from Reject the U.N.

One of the Generals of Watchdogs on the United Nations, its worthlessness and corruption is Claudia Rosett. Sundays National Review Online carried another one, two punch essay from the journalist-in-resident at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

The criminal negligence of this entity that adheres to no reasonable system of checks, balances, and accountability is despicable.

With the money/dues paid by the United States taxpayers it accomplishes nothing, save for the death, corruption and violence in the world. It is past time to let it accomplish all this on its own.

From Claudia Rosett at NRO, “Call It the U.N. Commission on Sustainable Dictatorships

"With Zimbabwe elected Friday to chair the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development, we now have the latest poster-child for the usual U.N. Orwellian abuse of the noble mandate, glorious goals, and all those good things promised by the free world in concert with the U.S.S.R.’s Joseph Stalin back at the U.N. founding in 1945.

Let’s get real. Zimbabwe’s U.N. coup is not some extraordinary aberration, any more than the massive corruption under Oil-for-Food was due simply to some sort of unfortunate administrative fumbling at the top. This is how the U.N. works. This is how the U.N., as a grand collective, was, unfortunately, configured to work. This is how the U.N. — rolling in American money and support, but lacking any reasonable system of checks, balances, and accountability — will continue to work.

There is by now every sign that the endless production of reports, proposals, and strategies for U.N. reform — an output which during the final two years of the Oil-for-Food-beset former Secretary-General Kofi Annan began to stack toward the ceiling — serves chiefly to produce new programs, projects, and initiatives, coupled with fresh U.N. demands for money. That yields fresh U.N. turf which can then be captured by the same corrupt and unaccountable thugocracy.

In adding to that stack, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, with his crew of holdovers from the 1997-2006 Annan era, is now embellishing on the same-old patronage networks — though given time, the odds are good that new networks and accompanying travesties will emerge. Ban will, of course, be able to invoke the same excuse as Kofi Annan: In a system where the buck stops no where, any wrongdoing is always someone else’s fault, and almost all responsibility in the end seeps away into the quick-sands of the 15-member Security Council, the 192-member General Assembly, or is laid at the door of former employees residing comfortably beyond reach of U.S. extradition."

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