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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hillary; compassionate misanthrope

Hillary doesn’t trust humankind, which fits in nicely with the Liberal mindset; leave it to us and the nanny state will take care of you.

Here’s a question and it’s something that has been irking me for some time now; why are all the candidates referred to as Romney, Richardson, Paul, McCain, etc., yet Clinton is always “Hillary,” by haters and lovers alike?

But I digress…ever since the “secret” letters came out in the NY Times from a young “Hillary” the toilet paper has been all about her. Posts here were not in depth, just with a certain disgust when I would view the front page for tripe being shoveled out to the masses. The same day an announcement was made in the Times that it and NBC News were joining forces or collaborating on election coverage both entities of the same stripe had humanizing “Hillary” filler. The day that followed offered yet more of the same; you couldn’t get away from it.

Enjoy Brent Bozell’s latest, as were going to be seeing a lot more of it, “Humanizing Hillary, Canonizing Chelsea:”

“Here’s one sign that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic presidential frontrunner. Reporters are tripping over themselves to convince us how likable and human she is, strong and yet nurturing. It’s the same playbook the media used for Al Gore and John Kerry, both just as stiff, robotic, and unlikeable then as Hillary is now. So they’re portraying Hillary not only as strong and invincible, but also as warm as a down comforter and as sweet as Mrs. Butterworth.

The New York Times stands out as a primary transmission belt for the Clinton campaign’s effort to melt the ice-queen image. On the front page July 29, Times political writer Mark Leibovich lavished his awe on personal correspondence Hillary wrote as a Wellesley co-ed to her high school friend John Peavoy at Princeton. The headline was “In the ‘60s, a Future Candidate Poured Her Heart Out in Letters.”

Not an easy thing to do, but they’re pros, read the rest of “Humanizing Hillary, Canonizing Chelsea.”

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