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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How About 16 of Your Females for 16 of Ours

According to The Korea Herald:

“Taliban militants Tuesday proposed that female South Korean hostages be freed in return for the release of an equal number of female Taliban prisoners held by the Afghan government.”

16 of the hostages taken by the Taliban, which the paper describes as “extremists, waging an insurgency against the government,” are women and any women arrested and convicted in Afghanistan would have been jailed being according to Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmadi “simple Taliban supporters, who were convicted for providing food or shelter to Taliban fighters.

Oh, well then, that’s ok…

On a brighter note and in what would not have been seen five short years ago in Afghanistan:

“Around 300 Afghans demonstrated Monday in the southern city of Kandahar calling for the release of 21 South Koreans who have been held by the extremist Taliban militia for more than two weeks.”

“The demonstrators moved through the city in pickup trucks, minivans and cars, distributing leaflets condemning the kidnappers and chanting anti-Taliban slogans through loudspeakers.”

“They especially criticized the holding of female hostages, as 16 of the 21 Christian aid workers being held under threat of death are women.”

"Death to those who have abducted the South Koreans," the crowd shouted.

Their leaflets condemned hostage-taking, and especially the abduction of women, as cowardly and in contravention of Islam and Afghan culture.”


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