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Friday, August 10, 2007

On the Subject of Home Improvements

Home improvements; when you own a house it never seems to end, I can go to work in the morning and return home at night and my wife has done something new.

We don’t have anything major to do now, although I wouldn’t mind hitting up the backyard and changing it into an oasis in the desert (we live in AZ). After looking on-line at Anglian Home Improvements, I’ve come up with a couple more things I’d like to do. Other than a nice array of Windows, Doors and other home improvement products, what caught my eye were Garage Doors and Conservatories.

On the subject of Conservatories we have a small covered patio; enclosing it adding from the selection of Conservatories available would look pretty sharp (see below).

Garage Doors…I don’t know that we are in any dire need of replacing what we have, but I got a good vibe from those they have at Anglian Home Improvements. One especially, though perhaps not a perfect fit is the one piece door design, which have a very historic and nostalgic look to them.

All in all, Anglian Home Improvements looks like a pretty good on-line find; check out some of their other offerings from driveways, overhead on the roof and all the way to the kitchen.

*This has been a paid review*


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