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Monday, February 06, 2006

CNN.com - Iran tells IAEA to remove cameras - Feb 6, 2006

CNN.com - Iran tells IAEA to remove cameras - Feb 6, 2006: "'From the date of this letter, all voluntarily suspended non-legally binding measures including the provisions of the additional protocol and even beyond that will be suspended,' "

Iran dictates to the IAEA, not the other way around, as one might expect.

Iran told the IAEA to '"remove its surveillance cameras and other equipment from its nuclear sites by mid-February,'"

Iran warned that it '"would resume uranium-enrichment activities if referred to the Security Council'" as agreed to in the Paris agreement between Iran and the EU-3.

The U.N. Security Council '"will not consider any action until IAEA Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei presents his report in March.'"

More than glad to let the buck pass for a while longer. How will they pass in March?

China said that, '"Even with the adoption of this IAEA resolution, it is the belief of most of the members there that a diplomatic solution is the way out within the framework of the IAEA."' One of the nations that is happy to have Iran working on their project since it's good for business. Patience....all is not lost....hold on just a bit longer...it will all work out...

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