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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Iran - A Sharp Pain in the Left Buttock with Their Peaceful Nukes

President A. of Iran circa 1979
Top News Article | Reuters.com

"Britain does not expect Iran to comply with U.N. demands to halt uranium enrichment by the end of April, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said on Wednesday."

Hmmmm....huh....I say....wot, wot.....whod'a figured?

Jack Straw also said, "Iran, which has no natural allies in the region ... is likely to provoke a nuclear arms race across the region."

While Moscow "said on Wednesday it wanted no action against Iran before an April 28 U.N. deadline set for it to halt uranium enrichment, but a top U.S. official said other countries were inching toward sanctions." Realize that any action they would be referring to would be, U.N. action.

After all, they stand to profit quite nicely from an economic standpoint with the Republic. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, " "We are convinced of the need to wait for the IAEA report due at the end of the month." So it sounds as though the lessons of Iraq have been learned by the Russians. Hopefully it will play out better this time.

"All the powers have said they are determined to solve the problem through diplomatic means, but the United States is alone among them in not ruling out military action." And as unfortunate as military action is it is likely the only type of action that would result in anything.

If the international community as served by the U.N. ever resolved anything no one would be in the position we are in now. By allowing the EU-3 to take the lead on Iran we have squandered valuable time. By this I am not implying the U.S. had the answer, but everyone really needs to get real here and note who and what we are dealing with.

The U.N. in it's effort to accomplish the impossible wastes time, twists what it is they initially set out to do for the sake of diplomacy that leads us no where.

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Do we really expect anything to change?


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