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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sad Indeed – Only U.S. Hawks Can Save Ahmadinejad Now

From The Guardian, one of England’s many tabloids, we have an article regarding the unpopularity of Mahmoud “Momo” Ahmadinejad.

According to the author, Ali Ansari:

(Ahmadinejad) “seems to be reaping the rewards of unfulfilled promises bestowed with little attention to economic realities.”

The article itself touches on economic realities that Momo ignored, as well as his stance in the face of the “Great Satan’s” bullying. The piece does not say anything of the like, but it may as well.

Bottom line is that the only thing that might save Momo, is the Hawks in the U.S. government:

“There can be little doubt that US hawks will interpret recent events as proof that pressure works, and that any more pressure will encourage the hawks further. Yet the reality is that while Ahmadinejad has been his own worst enemy, the US hawks are his best friends. Ahmadinejad's demise, if it comes, will have less to do with the international environment and more with his own political incompetence. There is little doubt that it will take more than a cosmetic change to get Washington to listen to Iran. But the real question mark, as the Baker-Hamilton commission found to its cost, is whether Washington is inclined to listen at all.”

“Yet the reality…..” It must be so refreshing to recognize reality, when so many others cannot. So, ultimately it is all propaganda on both sides, Iran didn’t really work on “peaceful nukes” in secret (or it doesn’t matter) and the U.S. is the real problem. If we would only play along with the rest of the diplomatic elite and just chat, we can all just forget about it and it will go away."

If only Bush and the American public in general didn’t exist, the EU-3 would surely have gotten it across to the Iranians that going the nuke route is a no no, by giving them the nukes based upon promises from those that don’t keep them.

I love Great Britain, I’m an Anglophile, however, the country that gave the world Neville Chamberlain and the “Peace of Paper,” has chosen to believe that Bush and the U.S. is the enemy, is becoming weaker by the day in it’s recognition of just what it is we are all facing. In ’38 it was Czechoslovakia the British government was willing to sacrifice; today with the big bogeyman being the entirely too powerful U.S., the lamb offered is Israel.

Although the article only turns to the “Hawks” at its end, the comments continue on in that vane (italics mine):

Comment from Instinct

“The bottom line is that those of us who persist in believing in democracy must recognise its limitations. When you have nations like the US and Iran, each of whose populations is willing to believe demonic propaganda about the other, a democratic system will throw up leaders who rightly see their own interest lying in antagonising and even attacking the other country.”

“Unfortunately, the notion that democracy is inextricably bound up with a peaceful form of life is fanciful. As we can see all too clearly in Iraq. It will be peaceful only if the electors are peaceful and the electors in the US appear to be willing to believe in all sorts of warlike action, so they deserve a president like Bush. And may well elect another.”

Comment from Parsian:

"Ahmadinejad and Bush are like two peas in a pod for the following reasons.

1. They are religious fanatics.
2. They do not understand foreign policy.
3. They are very unpopular outside their own country and each has less than 30% support at home.
4. They are arrogant, obstinate and confrontational.
5. They do not listen to reason and make decisions against sound advice. Many a times, their decisions are detrimental to their own country.
6. Only a war between the USA and Iran will help them regain their initial popularity rating of 60% or so.

Therefore, do not be surprised if the US or the US / Israel attack Iran. It would be a ‘blessing” in disguise for Ahmadinejad and Bush."

I wish we could let you all go down on your own, but that wouldn’t serve our interests or the worlds.

Sad indeed, that we are the only ones that believe “demonic propaganda,” unlike our friends with their “sage” advice across the pond, appear to know believe they know better.

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