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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Immigration; Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!

This may be a “comprehensive” attempt at posting on the subject of “comprehensive” immigration reform. Bottom line is that “comprehensive” needs to be thwarted until each piece is analyzed; believe it or not there is time.

Keep getting nothing done and we may eventually get what we really need. In the mean time enforce the laws on the books now. Attrition! Get pulled over for speeding and the police realize you shouldn’t be here? Attrition! Drive drunk, shouldn’t be here? Attrition! Live in Arizona and it is found you are here illegally? Don’t worry Prop 100, the ballot measure approved by 78 percent of voters in 2006 which denies the right to bail for illegal immigrants accused of serious felonies, will take care of you. Maybe not as many judges choose to break the law on this.

We used to feel that immigration needed to be fixed immediately, it does, but it can wait. We’ve always detested the comprehensive route for the immigration fix and still do. Slow down, catch your breath and don’t just do something, stand there. Don’t let this “piece” of legislation go anywhere. We’ll call, fax and e-mail in support of you’re just standing there and not letting garbage out the door.

Is it garbage? Is it expensive?

Immigration reform? Stand there….Is free range part of a comprehensive immigration reform? I don’t know, does anyone? This is what the American people want, they said so in November! What about the ones that weren’t shown the door? "You show me a 50-foot wall and I'll show you a 51-foot ladder at the border." Don’t worry too much about a border fence as at the rate it is being built, it will take 20 years to complete.

Senator Tedward Kennedy once said when a “comprehensive” bill didn’t pass muster:

‘"After a summer of cynical immigration campaign events and years of cutting billions from border security funding, today's announcement has more to do with solving a political problem for Republicans than solving our illegal-immigration problem."’

‘"While we all support more resources for border security, it is abundantly clear that these stop-gap measures are designed to provide cover for their failure to produce comprehensive reform."’

You stood there then; stand there again and more of us will catch on to the game and make sure you do it right.

Tedward wants it all and now:

‘“Our security is threatened in the post-9/11 world by borders out of control. Our values are tarnished when we allow 12 million human beings to live in the dark shadows of abuse as undocumented immigrants. Our competitiveness in a global economy is at risk when our employers cannot find the able workers they need.”

Harry Reid didn’t realize it last September, but he does now:

“There just simply is not enough time on this massive, massively important piece of legislation to do it all (in a week).”

Thanks to your honesty previously Harry. Don’t just do something, stand there…

As it became apparent that the walls were closing in, Judiciary chairman, Senator Patrick Leahy began employing the cloak that would hide signs of Democrat involvement saying:

‘“The bill we have before us is a product of closed-door meetings between the administration and Republican senators, which was then put to Democratic senators as a framework for further negotiations.”’

Bottom line is that the Republicans need to stand there and prevent this all from happening now. Fight to make what we have work and make something we want when you don’t have to answer to a turd majority.

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